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10. Pictures that aren’t you

<strong>10. Pictures that aren’t you</strong>

Cool landscape/skyline/beach etc., but that is not exactly exactly exactly what I’m right right here for. You could have one non-you photo in case it is certainly impressive and linked to you, such as an honor you won or a bit of art you’ve produced. But no body really wants to visit your vacation pictures.

11. Utilizing images of yourself during the Women’s March

Don’t get me personally incorrect, I’m pleased you went along to the Women’s March and you ought to feel well about any of it. But utilizing photos of your self during the Women’s March in your dating profile makes it seem like you’re making use of feminism to attract women — because whether or otherwise not that is your intent, this is certainly in reality just what you’re doing. It’s a dating application, and you do on that app is, inevitably, done in an attempt to attract women — that’s its only purpose if you are a straight cis guy on a dating app, everything.